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25% off * Nutra-Lift® Winter Sale Jan. 15th - Feb. 5th, 2009

* Off Retail Prices Listed
YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE but * Web Site "can not" calculate 25% off sale price.

The automatic email confirmation of your order will not reflect the sale prices.

You will be billed and invoiced with the sale prices upon final shipment.

Indicate "Code # 99" in "Comments Section" before you check out to guarantee sale price.

No extensions will be made. *Off retail prices listed. Not good in conjunction with other promotional offers.

PLUS Mega Minerals are now back in stock (see page 2 of View All Products on web site).

Sale on all products except Gift Sets & Gift Certificates . Florida residence 6 % sale tax.

Order on line at
Or Toll Free 1.888.913.7373 ask for code #99



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Natures-Lift™ brand Africa brochure

SouthAfrica brochure.pdf

The products will be featured on TV in 8 countries of Africa.... Via Africa Direct Shopping in the near future.
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Why Nutra-Lift® is your Best Choice in Skin Care !

1) Nutra-Lift® is the Best Skin Care Line at the lowest possible price. Per our many, many satisfied customers.... Better than
Department Stores without the overhead, marketing & retail store location costs passed down to you..

2) Nutra-Lift® uses simple packaging so the savings goes into better ingredients, at much higher concentrations... So that you get the
best skin care possible.

3) Nutra-Lift ® combines the best of Natural & Organic Ingredients with the latest advances in Skin Care technology, creating far superior
products. All Natural and All Organic are great... but the products must stay active and penetrate into the skin. Our advanced formulas maximize
the best of Natural & Organic ingredients by keeping them stable & active, then delivering them into the inner skin for maximum results.

4) Clinically proven products by renown Doctors & Research Institutes.

5) Nutra-Lift® products contain No Heavy Oils that block the skin from breathing and the Nutra-Lift® will not clog pores.

6) Specially designed One Step products to save you Time & Money.

7) Nutra-Lift® Uses the Most Exclusive plant derived Moisturizers in the world. Moisture is key to keeping the skin from aging and
keeping the skin healthy.

8) Nutra-Lift ® keeps itself informed of the latest advancements in science and the newest uses of natural ingredients so that we may always
bring you New and even Better products.

9) To demonstrate our Nutra-Lift® dedication to the highest standards in the Personal Care industry, there are no chemicals
added or inexpensive fillers used such as propylene or hexylene glycol, petroleum, artificial dyes, artificial preservatives like
proply & methyl parabens and ingredients you simply can't pronounce or even worse, identify. We use plant derived ingredients.

10) Our commitment to you is not just only in our formulas, it is evident in everything we do. We encourage you to compare the
Nutra-Lift® beauty line to other natural brands. We're certain you'll notice a remarkable difference in the efficacy, texture, and
integrity of each and every one of our products. Remember, our skin care is not full of heavy oils & synthetic chemicals.
Instead it offers organic vegetables, organic fruit and active, key clinically tested cosmeceutical ingredients for exceptional results!

Visit our Website at
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Something Special for Someone Special Choose Gift Sets or Gift Certificates from Nutra-Lift®

"the Perfect Gift for Any Occasions"
for Anyone ..... for Any Age
order toll free 1.888.913.7373

unscribe at
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New testimonial just today Nutra-Lift One Step

Nutra-Lift is the best product I have ever used. I started using the One Step in my forties.

I had skin very badly damaged by years of sun abuse and products with petroleum and harsh ingredients. I remember the first day I tried it. It felt tingly and tight but nice. Within a few days my skin had a noticeable improvement.

Now years later I use the "Rejuvenating A" under the One Step. My skin has not aged in years, it's firm, tight and free of wrinkles. I live in a small town and once weekly we have a senior day where all residents over 55 years old get 10% off all groceries.

I get a big kick of going through the cash registers of new employees. They always want to see my I.D. When they see I have since passed the 55 mark they are amazed. Thank you Nutra-Lift for making such wonderful products that don't cost hundreds of dollars. Elaine M. Valdez Ak.
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Nutra-Lift Testimonials

Here is a review of what our customers say about Nutra-Lift.

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お手軽トライアル価格 「結果を出す」 アンチエイジングの自然派コスメ

グローバル・シー® は下記のNutra Lift® のアンチエイジング商品の代理店です。